Kevin Emmons - Director/DP

Kevin Emmons

Being raised a military brat, Kevin traveled and lived extensively throughout the U.S. From a young age he carried a camera with him everywhere, documenting his travels. Photography became a lifelong passion.

After graduating from the University of Colorado, Kevin spent several years travelling the world filming documentaries in China, Russia, Tibet and Cuba, (to name a few), crafting works that aired on PBS and several other major networks.

Continuing his passion for cinematography he moved quickly on to the world of advertising, shooting everything from food to fashion, sports, and athletes to celebrities, table top, effects and lifestyle spots.

One of the few commercial DP’s inducted into the prestigious Society of Operating Cameramen (SOC) and working with an extensive list of top directors, Kevin has been cinematographer on well over 1,500 national television commercials for such diverse clients as Reebok, Ford, Kraft, Coke, McDonald’s, and Budweiser - with spots that have aired during the coveted Super Bowl. His images have won awards at local and national levels including Addy’s, Telly’s and Clio’s.

He has written articles for several industry publications, is a Director of Photography in local 600, and most recently became a member of the (DGA) Directors Guild of America.

Kevin has found a niche directing commercials that are best described as “stylized documentary”….. this extension of his longstanding fascination with documenting the human side of lifestyle is enriched by a well-rounded aesthetic background, love of travel, and an empathetic sensibility for the troubled species of which he is a lifelong member.