Mark Claywell - Director/DP

Mark Claywell

Profile: Director/DP of international/national TV documentaries, commercials, promotions and long format presentations for international corporations. Specializing in live action storytelling, celebrities, image campaigns, and documentary style photography. Visualize, research, create presentations/storyboards, execute visual media from conception to post production.

Advertising: Mark is widely known as a commercial television director/dp for many Fortune 500 companies. Aetna, Nike, AT&T, Shell and NASCAR, are just a few of the successful companies that depend on his genuine, human, storytelling talents.

He is known for combining contemporary visuals with human stories, and genuine moments to create elegant and honest connections. The combination of simple emotional scenes in conjunction with bold cinematic photography has proven an effective way to connect to the viewing audience.

Mark’s “I Love NY” campaign was the first filming permitted in NYC just days after 9-11. The spots have gone on to garner much praise and recognition for their honest and heartfelt approach.

Documentary Films: Mark Claywell is a multiple, international award winning filmmaker.

American Jihadist is the story of what makes a person willing to pick up a gun for their religion. Are the underlying causes purely religious? Or might militancy be a means of addressing chronic social, economic and political issues?

Mark’s feature documentary, American Jihadist, won the Grand Jury Award at the 2010 Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Best Documentary at the Russian Festival for Muslim Cinema along with Best Documentary Award at the Bel Air Film Festival in Los Angeles and Grand Jury Award at the Charleston Film Festival.

The film has screened in over thirty film festivals in nine countries including England, Austria, Ireland and Poland. The film has been broadcast in eight countries and currently can be found on Netflix.