Nicholas Kleczewski - Director/Editor/Colorist

Nicholas Kleczewski

A multi award winning commercial and documentary Director, Editor and Colorist, Nicholas Kleczewski is as diverse as they come. Whether it's editing an award winning feature documentary that takes years to organize and complete, coloring a national campaign in an all-night session, to directing a thirty second product commercial, Nick brings a story-telling aesthetic to his work that is unmatched.

It's one thing to be able to think singularly about what will make a pretty image or a single moment in time work, it's another to understand how an audience will psychologically interpret the meaning of a whole piece. Grounded as a musician turned Editor first, he brings an understanding to a production as a Director, seeing the big picture at all times and knowing what is truly important, that is often overlooked by filmmakers who haven't worked on both sides.

His work with artists like Beyonce, Tina Turner, Pink, Slipknot, TSTCTC, Chimaira, and many more show how Nick's talent for seeing the poetic thread in any creative space. His accolades include a 2008 Slamdance Audience and Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary ("Song Sung Blue"), a Best Music Movie of the Year review by for his feature "On a Carousel Of Sound, We Go 'Round," among many others. His commercial/retail client list includes Asics, a number of national brands under the Walmart Smart Network, Soyjoy, IRS, and Ferrari. Nick's passion and ability to find the "story" in any project is a rare find.